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Diabolik is much more than a film production company. We also do all of our own photography, artwork, special FX, animation, editing, and post-production. We're filmmakers and artists who love to work with other filmmakers and artists, and now we're offering our services to you! The great thing is that by letting us help you, you're helping us stay independent so we can create more of the wild work that you love. It's a great symbiotic relationship, so let's get it on! Click HERE and tell us what you need...

Diabolik is a full service post-production house, offering high-end editing, special FX, compositing, animation, digital mattes, titles and more. Our site is full of examples of our work, including the art of model-makers and stop-motion animators who help us create the unique look of our films and videos. Our years of experience have helped us build an impressive roster of talent, all at your disposal! Tell us what you're looking for HERE and we'll put our best people on the gig!

Our Diabolik team has over 15 years of experience in Photoshop, photography, and design. Not only have we done of all of our own posters, we've also worked with major publications, record labels, ad agencies, and movie studios. From portraits, fashion, and product clean-up, to advanced compositing photo-illustration and animated poster GIFs we've done it all. In-house Photoshop guru Phil Mucci has worked on dozens of major ad campaigns, album covers, and movie posters, like Rob Zombie's Halloween, and more recently, I Am Not A Serial Killer. If you already have a poster, let us bring it to life as an animated GIF for online promotion! Click HERE to get started!

There's nothing better than having award-winning filmmakers edit your acting demo reel. We know what works, and we know what we're looking for when we review them ourselves. We've put together reels for many of our favorite actors, and we'll put the same care and skill into crafting yours! Click HERE to fire up the fabulous!

We've produced teasers and trailers for many of our own projects, and we're eager to do more! Combining clips, music, special FX, animation, and titles for maximum impact isn't just an effective way to generate interest in your project while you're finishing it in post - it's a lot of fun too! Click HERE to enter the Diabolik trailer park!

Many of the talented actors we work with are equally talented voiceover artists with years of training. If you're looking for VO work, male or female, we have a great roster of talent at our disposal, and we'd love to connect you with them. You don't need an A-list actor to get grade A voiceover work! For more information, click HERE.

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